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About us

The Parish Council has been granted powers by Parliament to raise money through taxation in order to deliver a range of services to the community. The tax is called ‘Precept’ and forms part of your overall Council Tax bill. In 2019/20 you will see no increase in your precept to Ketley Parish Council.

Although not the Local Planning Authority, the Parish Council have a right to be notified of all planning applications which are submitted for the area. As a statutory consultee, the Parish Council consider and comment on all applications. Members of the public can attend the meetings and make their views known as well as commenting directly.

Powers to provide public conveniences are met through the Community Centre.

The Council has a duty to consider matters of crime prevention along with powers to provide street furniture, traffic signs, maintain open spaces and encourage visitors to the area.

A list of all the services Ketley Parish Council provide are set out below:

For more information please contact the Parish Clerk.