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Finance and governance

Ketley Parish Council is directly accountable to you, the residents of Ketley and Beveley wards. As electors of this Parish you are entitled to inspect the Council’s accounts, ask questions of your Councillors at public meetings and attend the Annual Parish Meeting. You are actively encouraged to get involved and contribute to the Council’s work with the community.

Town and Parish Councils are required to publish an annual statement of accounts. The accounts show how money has been spent in the previous financial year.

When the accounts have been finalised and approved by Council, they are advertised to enable the public to examine them and the various documents can be accessed via this page. 

Councils are subject to independent internal audit and external audit in accordance with the Code of Audit Practice.

The Council is required to:

  • make arrangements for the proper administration of its financial affairs
  • mange its affairs to secure economic, efficient and effective use of resources and safeguard its assets.

The Clerk, also known as the Responsible Financial Officer, is required to prepare the authority’s statement of accounts in accordance with proper practice and keep proper accounting records including: